About Me

Hi, I’m Julia and I have a passion for helping people in real estate. I live in Penetanguishene with my husband and our two dogs, Zip and Zoë. One of our favourite ways to spend time together is to walk local trails. I love exploring everything the area has to offer, and during the summer I especially enjoy hiking in Awenda Provincial Park in Tiny. Living near Georgian Bay is peaceful and humbling. The bay and surrounding nature is an everyday reminder of the important things in life. The pace of life and the friendly people are just some of the things I love about living here.
I also love seeing live music shows at the Midland Cultural Centre and try to go as often as possible. I live for life’s simple pleasures and love nothing more than to laugh. If you know me personally, then you already know that my main food group is tacos, and this actually says a lot about me. During my off-time, I love crafting, especially card making and sewing.
I often tell people that real estate found me. Helping people find their dream home has grown to be my biggest passion. I thrive on learning new things, problem solving, and anticipating challenges. These are the core of what I love about working in real estate. I try to treat every single person in a way that I would treat my own family. My clients often hear me say “if you were my sister or brother, I would suggest…” or “if you were my mom or dad, I would tell you…”. I see my role in helping people as not only an advocate for them, but also in providing as much information as I possibly can to help make an informed decision. I have built my entire business on this philosophy. My clients often comment that my approach is unique and distinct from any other Realtor they have worked with and that is the best compliment I can get.

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Real Estate Representitive in Midland, Penetang, Tay and Tiny